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It's an unfortunate thing to say, especially since LiveJournal has been serving me so well over the past couple of months. It has hosted my journal wonderfully and to a certain degree of reliability, but I'm afraid that the recent DDoS attacks have come to make me realise that I do not wish to be caught up with matters outside what I can affect.

LiveJournal has been wonderful. It's helped me through what I believe is one of the hardest parts of my life. (My life, at the time of writing, is a bit short, so I can't exactly say for certain.) I've suffered numerous emotional problems and found my writing and my journal a great way to express my feelings and always felt a lot better after it.

But now that I've put that history behind me, I want to explore new options. I want to remember LiveJournal as being the platform that has helped me grow. And I think it's an appropriate time to end it now, early in 2012, when everything has settled down, and I have given up on what caused the most emotional turmoil. 

I have closed down my LiveJournal and removed all posts from public view. Please do not expect anything further to be posted on here; I am afraid it is very likely that I will not be back. It is very disappointing, but I hope that this move will bring new opportunities for me and allow me to develop even more in the future.

All of my posts, as well as future stories, may be found at

Thank you, LiveJournal. Thank you for everything you have done. And so, this is... goodbye.